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Brian, thanks for the question. I have had good luck germinating Salba seeds, so I know they will sprout.

However, they will probably not get large enough to set seed for the following reasons: Chia plants need at least 150 days to reach maturity and they must have a certain day length in order to flower. This far north, the critical daylength probably comes too late in the growing season.

The chia that we grew here on Long Island had beautiful blue flowers on October 28. Our first frost arrived just a few days later, ruining any chance of seed set.

But please, go ahead and give it a try, and let me know how you manage. You should probably start them indoors. One more hint: the young seedlings are very susceptible to damping off, so do not overwater.

Good luck!

I live southern Ontario and am interested in trying to grow Salba.Can I plant the seeds that I buy to eat?Thank You.

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