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I just had webs and a LIVE moth in my name brand chia whole seeds today. The webs were the for the past week or 2.
Ill have a looks for larvae later.

Thanks for your comment. Are you able to photograph what you observed? If you have a scanner, you can just put some of the seed/mite mixture on the scanner, cover with a sheet of white paper, and use 600 dpi to scan it. If not, would you be willing to send me the sample? I can reimburse you for postage.


After I had been eating the seeds for days, I poured some into a bowl to mix them with some food and I found mites in the bowl! I then checked in the bag and found the bag was crawling with them :/ I'm not sure what these bugs are, they are much smaller than the chia seeds.

I bought chia seeds from a nut shop online and then added to my dwindled supply from a local Sprouts store. A couple of days ago I found the stringy silken evidence of something, but have not seen the bug.

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