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Well an ounce might be alot, but it comes to only 2 teaspoons each meal. I fill a shot glass each morning (haha) and sprinkle it on and in everything, until it's gone. My favorite so far: cottage cheese and canned mandarin oranges, sprinkled with chia seeds.

Oh, and thank you for the additional information!

As a follow up, I've heard to do a tablespoon of soaked chia a day, but an ounce (which you mention above) is about 2 tablespoons ... how much do you suggest to shoot for in a day?

Thanks for the question, B.

Chia oil supplements (capsules), like flax oil supplements, are mostly omega-3 fatty acids. Both of these are excellent vegetarian sources of this vital nutrient.

However, by relying only upon capsules, you would miss out on the other healthful components of chia seeds, in particular, the soluble fiber and calcium.

Since you don't really need more than an ounce of chia seed a day, why not start mixing it into things you normally eat at home, like smoothies, soups and casseroles?

"Chia Fresca" is a delicious Mexican drink I've been experimenting with. I'll post a recipe here within the next few days.

Great site on Chia! What do you know about the difference between using whole seeds and taking chia as a capsule (oil) supplement? Honestly, the chia seeds are a bit unwieldy to be carrying around all day; and soaking takes time that many people just don't have. I've been looking around for a good oil supplement, but most are not vegetarian. Any help would be great! Thanks again for all the info and the post about Detox Moxie!
- Ms*Moxie

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